Friday, June 29, 2018


A small article written by Ms. Jhankriti on "Ghunghroos". PLEASE READ! 🙂
Here it is:

Ghunghroo or the Tinker bells are worn by Indian Classical Dancers on their feet for syncing their footwork with the beats of the Tala making Indian Classical Dances much more intricate and unique than the other existing dance forms.
Just like every musician has his/her own instrument, similarly the instrument for a dancer is his/her own Ghunghroos!
Dancers play with their Ghunghroos in a way Musicians play with their instruments.
The melodious sound of the Ghunghroos is a treat to the ears taking the dance of a dancer to a whole new spiritual level!
The grace, elegance and beauty of the Indian Classical Dances is truly unmatched!

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About the writer:
Jhankriti is a trained Indian Classical Kathak dancer who is a Visharad in Jaipur Gharana from Gandharava Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Mumbai. She aims to raise awareness about ancient Indian dance forms through her work. Jhankriti has performed at prestigious venues and regularly shares her thoughts on Indian classical dance on her blog.