Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dance Jewelry online in India

Shopping for dance jewelry in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or in any other cities like Mumbai, Delhi or Calcutta is becoming a bit cumbersome process lately. Many of us do not know where the shops are. Even if you know the street where all the dance accessory stores are located, you don't know which one is trust worthy ! Out of a few vacation days, you struggle to get there in time because of the traffic and distance etc...Finally when you get there the stores are crowded and you will not find your personal space to chose what you really need.

Fine, you can look at the dance jewelry carefully, select the model you need and pick and chose the best finished one because you are seeing it. Finally you are forced to take what ever is available. But for most of the stores, once buy and come out, there is no way for you go back and return it if your child or the dancer didn't like it !  You will see a big board in every store saying "All the sales are final. No returns or refund"

There is no customer friendly approach in many shops. That is when most of the customers go look for an online store. We have couple of online stores selling dance jewelry in India and abroad. The web store offers all types of Indian Classical dance jewelry and costumes for very reasonable price. The shipping service is fast depending upon the service you pay for.  Usually you get the jewelry with 5~6 business days.

This store has readymade classical dance costumes too. Please click here to see the variety of dresses they have. The catalog includes Bharatanatyam dance dress, kuchipudi costumes, Kathak dance dress, Odissi dance dress and Mohiniyattam dance costumes. Readymade dress is usually delivered within 4 weeks.

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